A cloud-based API for counting anything.
Tally Ho!

use cases

Sharded Counters

Event Tracking

Count events across servers or even data-centers to get a complete picture of your distributed infrastructure.

Public Activities

Easily track and display the number of times a user likes a page, follows a user, or hearts a picture.

Entity Counts

Never use select count(*) again. Instead, scale well and retrieve entity counts instantly from us (especially useful for NoSql data repositories).

Big Data

For seriously big jobs, cloud counters will never let you down, and will always be around.
Hello, Big Counter!

Built for Developers

Counter APIs for any application

  • Sharded Counters

    Exact counts with high-performance

  • Vote Counters

    Limited increments per actor
    (coming soon)

  • Financial Counters

    Transfer between counters in a single transaction
    (coming soon)

  • Analytics Counters

    Approximated counters for extreme loads
    (coming soon)

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